GORMASHEXPORT develops and implements innovative technologies and optimizes existing technologies of mineral processing technologies:

  •        coal;
  •        non-ore materials;
  •        ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  •        gold-containing ores;
  •        iron-containing magnetite and oxidized ores;
  •        technogenic raw materials.

     In recent years we implemented several turn-key projects on construction and modernization of plants, supplied several hundreds of processing units, including modular processing factories.

      High-qualified experts of the Company, specializing in the fields of development of mineral processing technologies, processes and apparatuses of chemical industry propose technical solution of the highest possible level with consideration for any specific requirements.

     Engineering services assume complete support of the projects at all stages starting from identification of a problem and to start-up and adjustment. The scopes of the involved problems are as follows:

  •      Investigations into mineral ore preparation characteristics;
  •      Development of technical regulations for processes and equipment of mineral processing plants;
  •      Pilot and commercial testing of mineral processing technologies;
  •      Expert appraisal of technological flowcharts of new production, modernization projects and retrofitting of enterprises;
  •      Assistance in selection of equipment;
  •      Development of innovative processing technologies and apparatuses;
  •      Optimization of existing engineering processes;
  •      Modernization of beneficiation plants;
  •      Improvement of technological performances of the applied equipment.